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The Zimmer MedizinSysteme enPuls 2.0 is now available from NMLmedical, this second generation mobile shockwave unit with a slow wave of approximately 13.5 µs, the enPuls 2.0 is designed to produce the same results while reducing discomfort or the "whiplash effect" that is produced by similar shockwave devices.

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Shockwave Financing

At NMLmedical we can offer leasing on your Zimmer Device, leasing your device offers a number of benefits including:

  • Budget Control - Leasing payments remain fixed for the duration of the contract so you know exactly what you're paying.

  • Correct equipment - why settle for inferior equipment? spreading the cost of a device over it's life makes sense and ensures you get what your business needs.

  • Tax efficient - Benefit from a lease which is 100% allowable against pre-tax profits.

Fully Mobile Shockwave Therapy.

enPuls 2.0 Carry Case
The enPuls 2.0 includes a professional aluminium carry case (58cm x 20cm x 39cm) for secure storage and fully mobile shockwave therapy.

Radial Shockwave Therapy – efficient, easy to use and mobile.

The enPuls 2.0 is a mobile radial shockwave therapy system with ballistic, high-energy pulses. For treatment of biological tissues and structures in various pathologies and medical conditions. Unique, easy-to-use system offering mobile shockwave therapy access to all therapists.

Modern technology, innovatively designed

The new enPuls user interface is highly intuitive and easy-to-use with all parameters optimally designed and a clear layout ready for your therapy.

Zimmer MedizinSysteme has created something really special with a new generation of enPuls products and an entirely new user experience which includes a capacitive touch screen technology allowing easy operation and application.
Enpuls Dial
enPuls Controller

Radial Shockwaves – Unique and powerful technology

Zimmer Enpuls technology

A strong point of light for your pain therapy

Radial shockwave therapy (RSWT) is a method for the treatment of superficial orthopaedic disorders developed over the last 20 years. A projectile accelerated by the handpiece generates a mechanical pressure wave which is transferred to the human body by an applicator head and radiates out in the tissue.

The mechanical energy is absorbed by the tissue and decreases as the distance from the application site increases. The mechanical stress triggers reactions in the tissue that have a positive influence on a wide range of orthopedic and neurological conditions.

The shockwave method is used successfully by therapists all over the world.


enPuls 2.0 is ideal a mobile system for radial shockwave therapy and superficial orthopaedic problems such as:
  • Insertion tendinopathy
  • Tendon problems
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Hypertonic muscle systems
  • Myofascial syndromes
  • Hemotoma treatments


2 Year Warranty and UK Support

Zimmer UK Service and Support
All of our Zimmer devices have a 2 year warranty included.

We also have a dedicated UK service centre and offer product training along with full technical support.

Technical Details

More than 25 illustrated preset treatment recommendations


Colour touch-screen for all software operations
Rotary control for Energy level and for frequency
Handpiece operation with multi-directional footswitch

    Memory / Update

    SD-card for indication menu memory
    Favourites and adapted programmes (120 places).
    Error log / Firmware-Update

    32,2 cm x 23,5 cm x 13 cm (L/W/H)

    Shockwave Applicator Hand Piece

    Ergonomic, with anodized aluminium casing and fan cooling
    Generator electromagnetic, integrated
    Dimensions 23 cm length, 5 cm diameter (max.)
    Weight 0.85 kg (without cable)
    Lifetime Minimum warranty for 2.000.000 shocks

    Applicator heads Diameters of 6 / 15 (2 pieces) / 25 mm
    Tool free exchange possibility
    Minimum warranty of 150.000 shocks per applicator head

      Power Consumption
      100 / 240 VAC / 50/60 Hz, 5/2,5 A

      2.7 kg (without handpiece)

      Compressor free ballistic radial shockwave therapy-system with electromagnetic generator as projectile accelerator

      Power Levels / Energy

      60 to 185 mJ (equivalent to 1-5 bar)
      Can be precisely set in 10 mJ intervals (depending on the frequency of 60 mJ to max. 185 mJ)


        Frequencies from 1 to 22 Hz
        3 Burst modes (4 / 8 / 12 pulses)

          7 preset programmes, adjustable

          More than 25 illustrated preset treatment recommendations

          EnPuls 2.0 Technology

          EnPuls Pro
          Softshot – pulse
          enPuls 2.0 generates a special form of shockwave with a relatively heavy projectile and a comparatively low impact speed – the enPuls 2.0 softshot shockwave.

          The energy is primarily generated by the volume of the pulse and not by the high amplitude and the extremely short rise characteristic of comparable compressed-air devices.
          This requires that the shockwaves have rise times of approx. 3.5 µs and the typical energy settings also generated by compressed-air devices pass through the tissue without any change in the form of the wave, the stress is within the moment of inertia and the module of elasticity of the tissue.

          Different from focused shockwaves, which have rise times less than 100 ns and which results in a desired gradation of the wave in the tissue causing cavitation and tissue destruction, with radial shockwaves it is not the exponential effect but simply the amount of energy that triggers the reactive processes.

          The slower rise of the wave (approx. 13.5 µs) and the significantly lower peak amplitude mean that enPuls 2.0 does not generate the typical whiplash effect of the shockwave making it easier for the patient to tolerate.

          Energy applied—pressure comparison

          Comprehensive comparative tests in the laboratory have demonstrated that the enPuls 2.0 releases kinetic energy via the applicator comparable to that of a compressed-air-driven system.

          The kinetic energy is applied to the tissue with similar-sized applicators, such as mJ/mm² (energy density).

          enPuls 2.0 | Compressed-air RSWT-System
          60 mJ | 1 bar
          90 mJ | 2 bar
          120 mJ | 3 bar
          185 mJ | 5 bar

          Dosage information from treatment protocols can teen be used 1:1.

          EnPuls 2.0 Accessories

          Combine with the Cryo6...

          Combine Cryotherapy and Shockwave therapy

          Offer both Cryo & Shockwave therapy in your clinic, the Enpuls 2.0 sits perfectly on the shelf of the Cryo6 making a stylish addition to any clinic or practice!

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