-110°C in only 2 hours

Imagine a cryotherapy chamber with low running costs, no hazardous gases and unparalleled full body therapy.

Just switch on the Zimmer icelab and reach -110°C in two hours...


Zimmer icelab combines modern German design and unparalleled cryotherapy.

The Zimmer icelab reaches -110°C with an even temprature distribution and effective cooling.

The Zimmer icelab has low operating costs compared to Liquid Nitrogen chambers.

Expert installation and highly customisable cryochambers add a unique experience to your clinic.

Professional multi-room system with constant -110°C!

With a highly efficient 3-stage cooling cascade, the icelab PRO models reach temperatures of up to -110 °C with enough space for up to four people at the same time.

The icelab_PRO models are suitable for operators in the healthcare industry, for professional sports facilities, hotels and spas with medium to high occupancy.

Modern German design delivering unparalleled cryotherapy.

Setting up your icelab with NMLmedical is as easy as...


Icelab Plan


Our friendly team will help you understand the space you have available and which Zimmer icelab versionwill be the best option.


3D Zimmer Icelab


We know how important it is that the cyotherapy experience you offer seamlessley fits in with the look and feel of your clinic.


Zimmer IceLab

Installation & Training

At nmlMedical we can provide expert installation and training to to get you up and running.

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