Leasing now available at NML Medical


We are pleased to announce that here at NMLmedical, we have teamed up with Complete Leasing Solutions to offer leasing on all of our devices over £1000.

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to replace systems in your clinic or upgrade your entire clinic or practice, leasing is a very cost-effective way to invest in medical equipment. We offer the ability to lease-finance your new purchase and help you spread the cost of your chosen system.

Leasing is available for most of our devices, which includes High Inductive therapy, Cryotherapy, Shockwave therapy, PEMF therapy and more!

Unsure about NML Medical leasing? Here are 7 benefits to leasing…

  • Preserves Working Capital
  • A Finance Lease means that valuable cash can remain in the business and used for continued growth.
  • Budget Control
  • With a finance lease the payments remain fixed for the duration of the contract so you know exactly what and when you are paying.
  • Protects Other Lines of Credit Existing credit lines, such as bank overdraft or other facility, remain intact for when times are a little uncertain.
  • Correct Equipment Now
  • Why settle for inferior equipment? Spreading the cost over its useful life makes perfect sense and ensures you get what your business needs. Upgrading A flexible CLS Finance Lease ensures you stay ahead with advancement in technology. Tax Efficient Benefit from a CLS Finance Lease which is 100% allowable against pre-tax profits.

If you would like to know more about our leasing options please call us on 0808 1689 282 or fill out our contact us form below:


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