What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy treatment is a widely used method that uses energy rich light to introduce high amounts of light into the tissue, stimulating long-term healing in a natural way.

At NML we stock type 4 laser devices, the Opton and OptonPro in our laser therapy range. These high power laser devices have enough energy and therapeutic effectiveness for deeper treatment areas reaching up to 25 Watt. The laser light has 3 wavelengths that open up a broad treatment spectrum for the user and enable stimulation in different target sites. Pain receptors at the surface a well as deeper tissue structures are stimulated at the same time.

The Option laser therapy devices are setting new standards in the field of laser therapy and they are effective for various kinds of pain, inflammation and musculoskeletal conditions.  

Adding laser therapy to your practice will satisfy your clients with no stress to the body. You can adapt the therapy to individual clients and help them achieve the best possible results in less than 5 minutes per session.

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