How a practitioner uses NML’s Zimmer devices

Rainer Wieser, Doctor of Chiropractic from C3 Chiropractic in Bridgend and Cardiff uses a range of NML Zimmer devices in his practice. We got in touch with Rainer and did a quick Q&A so you can hear about how he uses the NML Zimmer devices…

What Zimmer devices do you use at C3 Chiropractic?

I use the following NML Zimmer devices

  • Zimmer Soleo Sono ultrasound therapy device
  • Zimmer Soleo Galva electrotherapy device
  • Zimmer Opton Pro laser therapy device
  • Zimmer enPulsPro radial shockwave device

What do you use these Zimmer devices for?

I have been using various Zimmer machines over the last 30 years as a physiotherapist and as a chiropractor. I find the spectrum for treatment with these machines is vast.

One can take a structure guided approach (which tissue do I want to treat?) or a pathology based approach (which condition do I want to treat?).

This can be done via direct (treating the organ or tissue) or via reflexive therapies (treating via mesoderm, ectoderm or endoderm pathways).

The Zimmer machine I use most in my clinic is the Zimmer Ultrasound Soleo Sono. It is a very versatile therapeutic ultrasound machine which can easily be integrated into various treatment protocols.

It is very useful to warm up and prepare the tissue before manipulation and can be used for pain management, muscle therapy, circulation improvement and trophism improvement. The deep penetration of ultrasound makes it the perfect device for conditions like knee and hip arthritis where one has to get deep into the joint to increase circulation in the capsule and joint space. Most often I use it for disc injuries, facet joint syndrome and inflammation in the sacroiliac joint followed by soft tissue work and chiropractic adjustments.

The Zimmer Soleo Galva is another useful electrotherapy machine, which is very good for pain therapy, muscle rehabilitation, metabolic increase and circulation in daily practice. It is the perfect device to help the reduction of oedema and absorption of a haematoma in more superficial tissues. Commonly used after an ankle sprain and other acute injures. It can also be used for muscle and nerve stimulation.

The Zimmer laser Opton Pro is one of the most advanced lasers on the market. I favour the Zimmer Opton Pro to cold laser therapy as the patient can feel a thermo effect. I have been using lasers for many years and Opton pro convinced me most. I have bought the Zimmer laser due to its functionality and adaptability to tailor the optimal treatment via a threshold test [assessing patient tolerance of stimulus before the intervention]. The colourful display is very user-friendly for the therapist. I also use the laser on acupuncture points / “laser acupuncture”.  With this form of treatment no needles are required and there is no infection risk compared to classic acupuncture.

The Laser increases energy through the cellular respiratory chain metabolism, this process is called “bio stimulation” resulting in less pain and faster healing. The Zimmer laser stimulates healing of diseases, tendinopathies, skin disorders and neuralgia. The most benefits are in the acute phase compared to shockwave therapy, which is more for chronic pain syndromes.

The latest addition to my Zimmer devices is the Zimmer radial shockwave enPulsPro.

I will use it on tendinopathies, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy and other chronic pain syndromes.

All machines are an additional tool to enhance clinical practice. My team and I consider ourselves as evidence guided practitioners and we like to learn more about the implementation of various treatments. One always has to look at the scientific evidence, the therapist’s clinical knowledge and expertise and the patient’s desires and needs. That keeps daily practice interesting and can hopefully provide great treatment results. 

How have these Zimmer devices impacted your business?

The devices keep me and my team learning more about new treatment approaches. The knowledge gives us a wider skill set and more treatment options.

Patients love new technology, and Zimmer has performed sound research on their electrotherapy machines in their research centre. Therefore, I can assure my patients that I am using highly safe, professionally researched and well tested equipment. It is also another income stream which can be used also by our podiatrist at the clinics.

What made Zimmer products stand out from other products on the market?

Before implementing a new treatment one has to ask the question: Cost -Risk- Benefit outcome to patient and practice?

I remember when I worked in the University Hospital Klinikum Großhadern / Munich in the department of physical therapy as a trainee physiotherapist in the 1980’s we already used Zimmer machines. They have been around for a long time. The new technology and modern design gives a good vibe. 

What can you tell someone who is considering buying a Zimmer device for their clinic?

The machines are fairly priced in the marketplace. The research and Zimmer Academy provide the necessary science and the Zimmer devices look modern and functional.  I like the ergonomic design and option to set my own treatment protocols additional to recommended treatment protocols.

The customer care of Zimmer has always been particularly good in the past from the purchase to after care and education programme. I now deal with Katie from NML Medical who is very professional to work with.

Overall, I have good experience with Zimmer machines and their representatives in Germany and United Kingdom so far and will keep using them!

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